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Season’s Greetings

What happens at Christmas in China?

You may think that Christmas is not celebrated in China, but that is not completely true because the Chinese Christian populations is somewhere between 15 million and 50 million, depending on whose figures you believe.

Media Interview

We are a WOFE involved in wood processing. We have about 40 employees. We import material from Australia and Europe and we process this in our factory and export our products to Japan, Australia and NZ mostly. We also sell a little in the Chinese market. Our product range includes solid wood flooring, decking and furniture. We also do wall paneling and specialist products like solid wood doors and stair treads.

New Catalogue

A catalogue is a challenging exercise for a company with such a diverse and evolving range as ours. It cannot be comprehensive because of the sheer volume such a document would have to contain and even it we managed to cover everything it would be out of date tomorrow. The other issue is that nobody […]

Wholly Sustainable Precious Wood Panel

Precious woods like ebony are renowned for their colour, grain and fine textures. The reason precious woods are called that is because they are; they are unusual and not available in quantity. But do woods with these qualities have to be rare? By carefully selecting more common woods it is possible to create very rare […]

New natural Oak Furniture for health-conscious Wuxi office

Our French cabinet maker, Kevin, is becoming busy. We were asked to design and build some furniture for a client in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. We had already supplied Oak flooring, but the boss liked it so much she changed her plans and sent the flooring for installation in her home. For the office she opted […]