We make real wood products. We make them from legally and sustainably harvested wood. We make them well and with pride. We look after our customers first. We are working to build an enduring and decent company that takes care of its people and contributes to its local community. We started in the wood industry in 1997 in Australia. We are proud of our brand and strive for constant improvement of our products and our customer service.

Timber your life

Main Species


Teak is native to Southeast Asia.  Burmese Teak is especially renowned. Today it is grown widely in tropical regions of the world as a plantation timber. The best plantation Teak is from old forests in Indonesia planted in the Dutch colonial period.  Ecquality only sources Teak from these plantations because it is has good density and colour and is sustainably managed.

Black Walnut

This Walnut is native to Eastern North America. The wood is highly prized for its dark-colored and straight grain. Black walnut is one of the most durable hardwoods in the US. Black Walnut is used for manufacturing furniture, flooring, coffins and many other decorative wood items. It has also been used for gun stocks.

Australian Cypress

Our Cypress is a native timber of Australia and we source it from the State of Queensland. Cypress is harder and denser than Oak. It is pleasantly fragrant and it is resistant to moulds, bacteria and insects (termite proof). It is also highly water resistant because it contains natural oils and will perform well in situations where other woods will distort. Australian Cypress resists direct sun, rain or snow and will stay beautiful for many years.

European Oak

Our Oak is sourced from Burgundy in France and also from the region immediately north of Vienna in Austria. Oak is functional, beautiful and stable. A solid Oak floor will last for decades. It can be refinished in-situ to refresh or keep with current trends.

Australian Jarrah

Jarrah is a hard Eucalyptus species that is only found in the Southwest of Western Australia. It is highly esteemed for flooring, high-end furniture as well as decking and outdoor furniture. It has also been favoured for railway sleepers and for structural use. The colour of Jarrah varies from light pink to dark red.

About Ecquality

About Us

We are a 100% foreign-invested, owner-operated business about two hours to the west of Shanghai in China. We have been operating in China since 2007. The company has about 40 local employees.


Ecquality only purchases timber from legal and sustainable sources. We only source from reputable suppliers, most of whom have FSC or PEFC certification, and do not trade in threatened species.

Employee Conditions

We understand that our employees are our greatest asset. We believe that without a good working environment people cannot be expected to produce good work. Many of our workers have remained with us since our operations began in 2007.

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