Domotex Shanghai ’16



We are still in catch up mode following Domotex Shanghai, which took place from 22-24 March. For us it was a great show for a number of reasons. Firstly, an event like this brings the team together and focuses everyone’s attention on a common purpose. In the day-to-day operations of the company we can lose focus and fall into meaningless routines. An event like this moves the focus to the needs of the customer – our sole raison d’etre as a company.

This event also saw the launch of our new website and branding. We spent a lot of time thinking about our future direction and about how we should communicate our brand to our customers. We are very grateful to Junglefish for helping us to bring all this together. The website works well and the overall branding represents well our corporate DNA, which is underpinned by integrity and sincerity in all our relationships, both within the company and with our customers, and is reflected in our high-quality, solid-wood products.

We were very pleased with our booth, which stood out from the crowd. There were vastly bigger and more opulent booths, but there was a sameness about the products, which were mostly engineered Oak and laminates. There was very little solid wood and even less high-quality parquetry. We are a niche producer and our booth represented us and our capabilities well. We had a constant stream of visitors and we are still busy today with the follow-up.

The Ecquality team wishes to thank our clients and visitors for making our annual “festival” such a memorable one and we wish everyone a very successful year. We look forward to serving you and meeting you all again in 2017.


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