Ecquality wins an award in Japan.

Hexidek in Japanese magazine.

 A Japanese building industry magazine called Kenzai (けんざい No. 266) introduced Ecquality’s patented and award-winning Hexidek. This quarterly magazine is published by The Japan Building Materials Association and introduces new products and trends in the building and design industries. The Hexidek article was based on a presentation given by Terry in Osaka in July this year.

The article explains the history and philosophy of Ecquality, how Hexidek was developed and why it is such a special product.


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Ecquality at the Tokyo Home Show

In November this year, Ecquality exhibited at The Tokyo Home Show. Existing clients visited our booth from all over Japan. We also had long discussions with some potential clients. Some visitors just came to see our booth as they knew our brand.

In the exhibition, we introduced Ecquality Solid Wood Design Floor Panels and Hexidek. Many of the visitors to our booth were impressed with the high quality and the beauty of our Panels. Visitors touched and enjoyed the feel of our solid wood flooring panels. Some asked if solid wood flooring moves after laying. It does, but the movement is minimal when they are made properly. Real wood adjusts to the humidity in the air by absorbing or expelling moisture. Our Design floor Panels are made so that they can move a little when they absorb or expel ambient moisture. Each small piece within a panel is connected not by glue, but by tongue and groove, to allow movement. Individual pieces expand or contract slightly, but the panel does not distort.

Ecquality Solid Wood Design Floor Panels can be used over floor heating. The slight movement only proves that Ecquality Solid Wood Design Floor Panels are real wood and it does not affect the floor’s performance.

Ecquality Solid Wood Design Floor Panels come in European Oak (from France and Austria), American Black Walnut, Indonesian Teak, Australian Cypress and Jarrah. All are 100% solid wood. Please ask us for details.